The Colony of Painters

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The Colony of Painters The Baia Mare Free School of Painting was started in 1896 by the painter Hollosy Simon, who also lived in Munich. Ferenczy Karoly, Thorma Janos, Reti Istvan, Grunwald Ivanyi Bela, some of the most important artists who came with Hollosy, gradually developed the approach of painting after nature, finding in their creation more and more compositions specific to plein-air-ism. Under the care of the then administration, they received 1.3 hectares of land to build their workshops. This place is today called the Colony of Painters. 

Distance from the guest house: 30 m (1 minute walking) 

Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am-6pm 

Phone: 0362-803225 

Ticket price: not displayed

Adresă: Colonia Pictorilor Strada Victoriei 21, Baia Mare 430142, România

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