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The story of the Painters' Pension 

The name Pensiunea Pictorilor has a close connection with the history of Baia Mare. Although our city is famous for mining, hence the name (bath = mine), and chestnuts, hence the name of the City Days (Chestnut Feast), our city hides another treasure: the Painters' Colony. Here the foundations of the Baia Mare school of painting were laid, which strongly influenced Hungarian painting.

In 1896, Hollosy Simon, together with his painting school, came to Baia Mare and, impressed by the city, decided to settle here for the next years. The success due to Simon creates the context for the formation of a Baia Mare School of Painting. If at the beginning the artists met in a few huts in the Municipal Park "Regina Maria", time and European recognition makes those here to request a new location for 8 workshops. The actual construction of the Colony, in the place where it is today, opposite the Painters' Pension, begins after the decision of the Local Council in 1898, but the death of the mayor Oliver Thurman makes the process more difficult.

In 1901, Hollosy Simon left town. A year later, the foundations of the Baia Mare School of Painting were laid here. The remaining artists, as well as the students who came, will have an important role in introducing Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in Hungarian painting. At that time, Baia Mare was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

You've probably come this far and wondered where the connection came from. Strada Pictorilor, which is right next door, became the place where artists or students looked for rent during their stay. Some older neighbors have told us that the large number of artists, mostly painters, is closely related to today's street name. Under these conditions, the name of the pension came naturally in the rich historical context of the place. The project "Pensiunea Pictorilor" started as a dream and slowly became a reality through the involvement of our whole family. We were all involved. We all worked together, side by side, with dedication and love so that in 2009 we could officially open the newest boarding house, at that time, in the city. Since then, every customer has been invited to join our family, which has grown considerably over time. Some, because they felt connected, left different things here, in the form of gifts, to feel every time they return that feeling of "home".

In these conditions, our priority was to create and maintain a friendly, clean place, surrounded by peace and quiet.

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